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Preacher of aesthetics wins 13th Taipei Culture Award

Taipei City Government's Department of Cultural Affairs lately disclosed the prizewinners of the 13th Taipei Culture Awards. Painter, poet and writer Chiang Hsun and I-Tong Park, incubator of contemporary art in Taipei are this year's recipients.
Every year the department assigns a theme and promotes it by holding the Taipei Culture Awards. Recipients get certificates of merit from the Taipei Mayor and NT$300,000 prize money. This year's theme is aesthetics in life.
"I-Tong Park provides a free environment for Taiwan and foreign avant-garde artists to create and showcase their works," said the Taipei Culture Awards Selection Committee in a press release, “the park nurtures the development of contemporary art in Taiwan.”
Jointly-founded by Liu Ching-tang, Chuang Pu, Chen Hui-chiao, and Huang Wen-hao in 1988, I-Tong Park has become a must-see site for art professionals when they visit Taiwan. It is a great venue for artists to gather together and learn the latest art trends. Nearby residents can also learn more about art when they come to the park.
Aesthetics in daily life
Chiang Hsun calls himself a preacher of aesthetics. Born in 1947, Chiang published poetry, and edited several art and literary publications such as Lionart and Unitas. In the early 1980s, he was appointed the first dean of the Department of Fine Arts in Tunghai University.
"Chiang is an important character who has contributed enormously to planting the roots of aesthetics in life in Taiwan,” said the committee, “he does that through his profound yet understandable writing and lectures.”
"His interdisciplinary influence makes him the best candidate for the award.”
Over the years, Chiang promotes aesthetics in life in his radio programs which has so far won him five Golden Bell Awards.
In recent years, Chiang has expanded his preaching on aesthetics in life across the Strait to China. His influence and popularity grows with time.