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Taipei and Paris film commissions ink deal

By Hermia Lin
Staff Reporter

Taipei Deputy Mayor Lee Yong-ping, left, and IDF Film Commission Director Olivier-Rene Veillon pose for photos after signing a cooperation agreement for future film production in both cities. Photo by Rick YiThe Taipei Film Commission signed a partnership agreement with Ile de France Film Commission in Taipei yesterday, to offer each other access to resources and talents in the film and TV industries.

About 90 percent of the French cinema and audiovisual industry is based in Ile de France. With the agreement, Taipei becomes the first city in Asia to have a partnership with Ile de France Film Commission, whose countrywide activities are coordinated by France’s National Film Commission.

“Through the cooperation between Taipei Film Commission and Ile de France Film Commission, I am sure that people in Taipei and Paris will get to know each other more, culturally and emotionally,” said Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin in a short speech prior to the signing.

Hau said Paris has been a flourishing cultural center in Europe, while Taipei is the most creative city in the Chinese-speaking world.

“The partnership signals a major boost to the local film industry as there will be more opportunities for Taiwan’s films to be marketed in Paris and Europe,” Hau said.

Olivier-René Veillon, director of Ile de France Film Commission, said French people have long been interested in Taiwanese films, and that when Taiwanese auteur Hou Hsiao-hsien and Tsai Ming-liang shot their films in Paris, the film commission gave full support to their cinematic creativity.

“In addition to working with famous directors such as Hou and Tsai, Ile de France Film Commission would like to work with Taiwan’s rising directors and make films that reflect the culture and creativity of both Paris and Taipei,” said Veillon.

After a visit to the National Palace Museum earlier today, he realized the importance of Taipei on the world stage. “Taipei can certainly be a rival against Paris.”

The Taipei Film Commission is a multifunctional organization that provides location scouting, liaison with all necessary government and private agencies, co-production, marketing, and talent training.