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A treasure hunt leads to the history of Bopiliao Historical Block

By Yali Chen
April is the best month for outings in the west of Taipei.
Taipei Culture Foundation is holding an interesting event to attract people to visit the Bopiliao Historical Block in Taipei’s Wanhua District. The free event runs from April 2 through April 30.
With a treasure map, participants can follow a series of hidden clues in old houses at the Bopiliao Historical Block. This treasure hunt aims to help visitors better understand the history of the block.

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Photo from TCF
Taipei Culture Foundation is holding a treasure hunt event from April 2 through April 30
at the Bopiliao Historical Block.

Actually, the block is a single old street with a long history dating back to 1799. It features 18th century architecture that’s been restored and reopened to the public in 2009.
One of its historical significance lies in its location. It used to be the main route from Monga (now known as Wanhua) to Guting Village in the Qing Dynasty (1683-1895). The end of Bopiliao Street was an important military base during the Qing Dynasty.
The block includes a wide range of traditional shop houses during the Qing dynasty and buildings from the Japanese rule (1895-1945) to the early post-World-War-II period.

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Photo from TCF
A family walks along the old street at the Bopiliao Historical Block.

In the northern section, there are buildings with traditional Qing Dynasty-period architecture. The surrounding streets have developed over time, its buildings having red brick arches and walls, terrazzo flooring, balconies, and ornate embellishments. The block is a testimony to the development of the Wanhua District.
Within Kangding Road, Guangzhou Street and Kunming Street in the Wanhua District, Bopiliao is one of the areas in Taipei with the most complete conservation work. It is a pleasantly quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are plenty of photogenic spots and brick walls painted with charming graffiti.
The treasure hunt is a family-friendly event. Each house has its own clues and stories to direct all participants to a hidden prize. Apart from the historical block, everyone is also encouraged to visit the Ximen Red House plus Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei in the Wanhua District.