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Island Concert bazaar invites you to travel back to 1920s Dadaocheng—Exclusive co-branded beer by Taihu Brewing

“Sweetness comes after bitterness” is a co-branded beer brewed in collaboration between the sponsor and Taihu Brewing to tell the story of the Cultural Association over the past hundred years and give people the opportunity to get a taste of freedom and joyful feeling.
The initial bitterness gives way to a sweet aftertaste, symbolizing the difficulties undergone by the Cultural Association in its early stages and inspiring us to envision its bright future a hundred years after its founding.
The label design was inspired by the airplane of Hsieh Wen-Ta, the first pilot in Taiwan. The rim surrounding the Chinese character “bitterness” was taken from the “Seal of Incarceration” made during the Police Incident while Taiwan was under martial law. The label also depicts how Hsieh Wen-Ta’s accomplishments in the air raised morale in Taiwan and inspired the founding of the Taiwanese Cultural Association. It also highlights that although members of the Cultural Association were arrested and incarcerated, they did not feel ashamed but instead felt honored to fight for freedom and democracy and rebel against oppression.
The Department of Cultural Affairs has sponsored a series of events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Taiwan Cultural Association from now until November 14. These include a cultural exhibition, musical performance, local bazaar, online forums and lectures, enabling people to learn about the spirit of culture promoted by the Cultural Association’s young members.
In the streets of Dadaocheng, the Cultural Association’s influence is being showcased with creative products, themed book exhibitions, and classic food dishes sponsored by 14 local shops, including bookstores, restaurants, cafés, and Xiahai City God Temple.
Come visit Dadaocheng this weekend and go back in time to experience Taiwanese culture as it was a hundred years ago. For further information and a list of collaborating stores, go to the Cultural Association 100th Anniversary official website ([link]) or the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum Facebook page ([link]). For further information on literary and cultural activities, please visit the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs Facebook page ([link]).