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An Old House Time Machine – Learning about Old Houses – Century-Old Cultural Association|Guided Tour of the Founding of the Cultural Association

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[Route for Guided Tours]
Route: Chen Tian-Lai’s Residence → Port Town Cultural Forum → Wei-Shui Station → Site of Former Da'an Hospital → Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum
Time: Sunday 7 November, 14:00–17:00 & Saturday 20 November, 9:00–12:00
Meeting point: The small park at the intersection of Guide Street and Minsheng West Road (opposite 89 Guide Street)
The Taiwan Cultural Association held its inaugural meeting at Blessed Imelda’s School in 1921 and has unveiled a series of cultural events with the goal of promoting Taiwanese culture. In response to the centennial anniversary of the foundation of the Cultural Association in 2021, this guided tour follows in the footprints of members of the Cultural Association through the streets and alleys of Dadaocheng.

 [About the tour guide]
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Tour guide: Sheng-Chi Cheng
Sheng-Chi became involved with traditional architecture at the age of 17 and by the age of 21 had made the decision to spend his career learning about and promoting traditional architecture.
It has been almost two decades since Sheng-Chi became a volunteer tour guide for traditional historical sites. He has participated in work relating to the investigation and research of historical site and has practical experience in the renovation of historical sites. For a time, Sheng-Chi was also Office Director at a heritage foundation, where he planned the management and reuse of historical sites.