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Old House Time Machine – Learning about Old Houses – Searching for Traces in Grass Mountain|Visiting the Past and the Present of the Celebrity Club

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 [Route for Guided Tours]
Route: Yangming Shuwu → Chungshan Hall → Grass Mountain Chateau → Grass Mountain Air Raid Shelter
Time: 14:00–17:00 on Saturday 13 November
Meeting point: Yangming Shuwu
With its tranquil and magnificent scenery, the Grass Mountain area is located at a strategic high point overlooking the Taipei Plain. Its beautiful sights have long attracted famous visitors. Come and encounter the historic buildings in a journey back to the olden days.
Grass Mountain Chateau was Chiang Kai-Shek’s first official residence. It has witnessed political and cultural change through time and has been completely rebuilt to create a new cultural prospect.
The blueprint for Chungshan Hall was the art of Chinese imperial-style buildings. The hall was an important venue that hosted national banquets, important meetings, and foreign and domestic guests.

[About the tour guide]
Visiting the Past and the Present of the Celebrity Club-img-02
Tour guide: Ching-Yen Lu
Ching-Yen Lu is the dedicated cultural and historical site tour guide for the Great Nature Outdoor Hiking Association and the Taipei County Mountaineering Association. Lu was the host for “Fun in a Taiwanese Style” from Voice of Han Broadcasting Network and is currently a lecturer in colloquial language at Wanhua Community College.