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Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 3: The Grand Transformation of Prison Buildings

[Guided tour]


Former Taipei Prison Office — No. 3 Aiguo East Road (MAD by Le Kief MSC) → Nishiki Japanese Housing — No. 67, Section 2, Hangzhou South Road (Leputing) → Former Taipei Prison Office — Jinhua Street


Route description:

In 1895, the Japanese government launched a large-scale public building project outside Taipei City and built the Taipei Prison Office (台北刑務所) in the Chengnan (城南) area. The office originally served as the Taipei prison and many pro-democracy protesters were incarcerated here. No. 3 Aiguo East Road (愛國東路) and Nos. 135–177 Jinhua Street (金華街) were affiliated high-level official residences. Now, they preserve the historical context of Taipei’s prison culture. Having been restored, the old residences are now dining venues with historical architecture, where visitors can enjoy delicious cuisine and immerse themselves in the stories of the houses.