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​Sun Rong-Huei—The Legacy of Martial Arts and Glory in Liyuan Martial Arts, a Special Exhibition

Opening times: 9:00 am–5:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, until December 26. (Closed Mondays and the Moon Festival)
Venue: 8F, Special Exhibition Zone, DadaoCheng Theater (8F, No. 21, Section 1, Dihua Street, Taipei City (above Yongle Market)
The exhibition looks at preserver of Taiwanese opera Master Sun Rong-Huei’s context and trajectory in performance art during the seven decades of his career. On display will be highlights of his achievements in martial arts, accumulated during his career at Shaw Brothers Pictures (Hong Kong), televised Taiwanese opera, Jingju, and Taiwanese opera. Visitors will be able to see precious photographs, video clips, costumes, scripts, weapons, musical instruments, props for rituals in Taiwanese opera, and more, taking them back in time to revisit the artistic elegance of Taiwanese opera.
A skilled performer of Wu Sheng (noble hero) and Jing (strong male) roles, Traditional Master Sun Rong-Huei has been listed as a Taiwanese Opera Preserver of Traditional Performance Art in Taipei. Sun is also the winner of the 21st Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award—Regional Opera Award and 20th Taipei Culture Award.
In addition to his achievements in martial arts and xiqu, Master Sun has worked long and hard to teach himself to play drums for martial art scenes in Taiwanese opera. He also continues the craft of handmade props and helmets, which is now only known to the older generation, and is greatly accomplished in the craft.
Yi-Shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe designed three themes for this special exhibition: “Major Events”, “A Seven-Decade-Long Career—Rong-Huei’s Accomplishments”, and “Legacy and Continuation”. In addition to the display on major events in his life, illustrated with historic photographs, a number of interviews that Master Sun has given over the past have been edited into a brief documentary that is shown on the TV wall. Visitors can browse through the history of the master over the past seven decades through the illustrations on the interactive multimedia touch panel.