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​Art Afternoon Tea/Roaring Waves After – Luo Yu Cheng

About the Lecture:
About ten years ago, I had a small accident that completely upset my normally smooth life. I almost lost my life and this caused considerable grief to my family. After the accident, I started again with a new perspective on “my everyday life.” My mindscape and my painting became different.
This might explain why the “sea” has become my favorite subject. In addition to painting, I also catch fish as a hobby. Whenever I have the opportunity, I spend time by the sea. There I can feel and appreciate the natural beauty of nature. The back ground of all my sea series of water-colors are all places I have visited and cherished. Although the scenery may not always be magnificent, they all impressed me deeply at the time. And, like the pages of a diary, they are a real record of my personal progress.
Venue: 1F, Stage Area, Arts Promotion Building
Date: 2:30 pm, December 1
Contact Us: 02-25787769