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Taipei Fine Arts Museum reopens after major renovations

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Photo from TFAM
The TFAM director Lin Ping says that the reopening of the south gate
will allow for natural light and air flow through the entire building.

By Yali Chen
Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) reopened to the public July 21 after nine-month renovations, with four new exhibitions attracting visitors to develop a taste for art museums.
Hundreds of citizens flocked to the Taipei-based museum as it reopened its doors after a ceremony attended by two former TFAM directors and Chung Yung-feng, Commissioner of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs.
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Photo by Bill Cheng
Taipei Fine Arts Museum reopens to the general public July 21 after extensive renovation work.

“The museum will reopen its doors in stages,” said Lin Ping, the current director of TFAM. “The museum lobby and basement have reopened July 21 in its first stage. Admission is free.”
The historical district on the second floor is set to reopen August 25 with a retrospective exhibition chronicling Taiwan’s important contemporary artists. Ticket sales for the international photographic exhibition on the third floor will be resumed September 29. The annual main event “Taipei Biennial” is slated to run from November 2018 through March 2019.

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Photo by Bill Cheng
An architectural model of TFAM designed by architect Gao Er-pan.
Since mid-October 2017, TFAM has started a number of refurbishment projects, including replacement of electric circuits and air conditioners, as well as gallery wall and flooring materials.
Lin said that the 35-year-old building had undergone extensive renovation work in an effort to provide a better space for its exhibits by controlling the temperature and humidity accurately.

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Photo by Bill Cheng
At the reopening ceremony this past July 21, the TFAM director Lin Ping talks about the museum’s refurbishment work and future development.
“More importantly, we have reopened the museum’s south entrance,” the TFAM director said. “This move will not only enable natural air and light to penetrate into the whole building, but also allow visitors to access the museum via its south gate.”

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Photo by Bill Cheng
One visitor passing by the lobby of Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

 Lin also mentioned that the reopening of the south gate will enable visitors to gain a better understanding of the ideas behind TFAM architect Gao Er-pan’s creation. His original design was to make the museum bathed in natural light and with beautiful city views.

Lin hopes that the Taipei-based museum cannot be just an exhibition space. She expects it to function as a cross-disciplinary theater and large living room for cultural exchanges between Taiwan and other countries in the future.