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Calligraphy lovers polish their strokes at Confucius Temple hall

Calligraphy is a significant aspect of East Asian culture. Considered the art of writing, calligraphy is often the source of inspiration for visual and performing arts. The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government lately worked with the Calligraphy Association of the Republic of China to hold a series of events in the Confucius Temple, with the aim of reviving public enthusiasm over this art form.
Every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Dacheng Hall, Confucius Temple's main hall, visitors practice calligraphy with brush, ink, paper and inkstone, the Four Treasures of the Study. Participants who have their work done at the site can have them stamped with the temple's signature.
"Taipei City Government started to plan the construction of a Confucian Boulevard in the Dalongdong cultural zone in 2004,” said Chen Kuan-fu, Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government in a press release, “lately we co-work with the Department of Information and Tourism to revive the Confucius Temple; together we want to build the area into an important tourist attraction in Taipei.”
According to Chang Ping-huang, the director of the Calligraphy Association of the Republic of China, calligraphy is one of the Six Arts that scholars in ancient times were required to master.
"Practicing calligraphy at the Confucius Temple is a good combination to promote Confucianism and the love for calligraphy,” he said.
Six Arts refers to rites, music, archery, chariot driving, calligraphy and mathematics.
Meanwhile, a digital calligraphy system is provided at the temple for visitors to practice calligraphy with a digital pen, which is undoubtedly a whole new experience for those who are used to write or paint with brushes.
The practice activity will run until the end of December. A calligraphy competition will be held for students on November 8th, in addition to a writing Spring Festival Couplets event slated for December 27th. To sign up for the competition or the event, please call Tel: (02)2558-5236