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Watercolor Classics 2023 Taipei Biennial


Curatorial Unit Introduction

Watercolor painting enjoyed great success in Taiwan’s art scene during the 1990s but gradually declined thereafter. In response, a group of professional watercolor artists decided to emulate the organizational models of countries with advanced watercolor culture. In 2005, they officially established the Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association to enhance creative standards and improve the artistic environment in Taiwan. The association focuses on both artistic creation and academic research. By collaborating with both the government and private organizations to hold watercolor exhibitions, they aim to unite the watercolor community and create a favorable space and environment for artistic endeavors.

Exhibition Overview

Watercolor’s ease of use and reasonably priced materials have made it one of the most popular art forms in Taiwan in recent years. This exhibition gathers together outstanding Taiwanese watercolor artists to showcase their best works from the past two years, providing the public with an opportunity to appreciate their art. The exhibition is complemented by a series of seminars, panel discussions, and creative technique demonstrations that enrich the exhibition’s content. These activities are intended to engage a larger audience, stimulate artistic participation, revitalize the artistic community, and enhance the overall spiritual and cultural quality of public life.