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Above and Below—Phantom

Exhibition Intro:
According to the Eastern classic the I Ching (“Book of Changes”), that which is said to be “above physical form” is the intangible, while that which is “below physical form” is the tangible. Later, in the 20th-century West, Wassily Kandinsky (1886–1944) proposed a “hot abstract” style, meaning expressing emotions and feelings, while the Dutchman Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) was the representative of “cold abstract” art, using rational color blocks to deconstruct the original form of trees. There exists a significant grey area in between senses and feelings, form and the formless, similarity and difference, and this is the brilliance of the Above and Below—Phantom.
This exhibition echoes these principles, expanding the width and depth of watercolor to show more perspectives and share them with the public. The exhibition was organized by the Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association and curated by artist Chia-Jung Chang, who carefully selected each participating work to provide a wonderful diversity of themes and styles.
During the exhibition period, events will include guided tours of the works, sharing forums, and seminars to allow visitors to enter and explore this secret garden created by artists. This makes art part of life while broadening people’s horizons of appreciation for watercolor art and allowing the public to embrace art’s beauty in a spirit of comfort and relaxation.
Time: 09:00–12:00 & 13:30–17:00, November 2–December 15, closed Mondays
Venue: Exhibition area, ground floor, Taipei City Arts Promotion Office