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Home Village (嘉禾新村) x Yinalang Group Workshop (囝仔人搞東搞西工作坊)


The event will take place in the workshop and outside. Parents can choose from two courses: “Handmade Light Scene Box” (手作光景箱) and “Object and Body Workshop” (物件、肢體工作坊).

Yinalang Group (囝仔人) will guide the children as they explore the theme of Home Village (嘉禾新村), conducting on-site visits and observations to help them discover the historical memories and traces of local objects.

Course Theme 1: Let the Scenes Shine—Handmade Light Scene Box (手作光景箱)

Step into Home Village and explore the preserved scenes of the military dependents’ village. Capture the most memorable scenes, incorporate the games you’d like to play and use cutting and pasting to transform them into light and shadow scenes and stick puppets, creating your very own miniature light and shadow theater.

Course Theme 2: The Body Transforms the World—Object and Body Workshop (物件、肢體工作坊)

As you visit the site, identify the lines within the space and imitate a corner, a wisp of air, or a doorknob. Allow your body to interact with space and objects to explore and choreograph an improvised dance between objects and the body through imitation, collaboration, and play. Let’s experience the world through our bodies!