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18th Taipei Digital Art Festival: A-Real Engine

Concurrent Events at National Taiwan Science Education Center and Digital Art Center, Taipei (DAC) on November 3

18th Taipei Digital Art Festival: A-Real Engine

Computer games consume our coins and capture our hearts

The 2023 Digital Art Festival Taipei has the theme “A-Real Engine”. Artists and game designers from around the world have been brought together to exhibit their works. 

Through their creations, we explore how creators use the ideas and elements of computer games to craft new narrative forms.

World 1-1 was specially commissioned for the festival. Named after the first level of the first edition of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros., this level encompasses all the game’s key elements. 

The creative team will create an environment that feels like a large-scale game in which the audience becomes both players and game characters, sitting in their living room, seeing various entertaining story scenes unfold on screen.

Exhibition Dates: Friday 3 November–Sunday 26 November 

Locations:    National Taiwan Science Education Center

9 am–5 pm, Monday–Friday; 9 am–6 pm, Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays

Digital Art Center, Taipei

11.00 am–6.30 pm, Tuesday–Sunday (closed Mondays)