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Celebrates 90th Anniversary of the Establishment of Taipei City with an exhibition

People visit the site of an Exhibition on 90th Anniversary of the Establishment of Taipei City. (Photo courtesy of Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs)The Taipei City Government launched a special exhibition marking the 90th anniversary of its establishment on Saturday, September 18. Featuring a series of lectures, special interactive exhibitions and tours on every corner of the city government’s history, the exhibition is aimed at helping local citizens better understand one of the most important cities in Taiwan.

“I am very grateful for the efforts made by our forerunners. It is their hard work and dedications that have allowed the city to continually improve itself and have ultimately made it into a bustling and flourishing city,” Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-bin said during the press conference to open the exhibition.

Hau added that to better promote the city worldwide on its 90th birthday, Taipei will be holding the Taipei International Flora Exposition beginning in November.

The event is a part of the city’s marketing effort to show to the world Taiwan’s strength in the horticulture and flora industry, as well as the nation’s cutting-edge developments in technology, green power and eco-friendly industries, he added.

President Ma Ying-jeou, Hau’s predecessor who served as Taipei Mayor from 1998-2006, and former mayor Hsu Shui-teh (mayor 1985-1988), also joined Saturday’s press conference to jointly extend their best regards to the city.

According to the Taipei City Archives, Taipei Prefecture officially became the capital city of Taiwan Province in 1892 and gradually became the leading cultural and economic center of the island. In 1920 during the Japanese Rule period, Taipei - which was then called Taihoku - was incorporated as part of Taihoku City, the official birthday of today’s Taipei City.

The 90th Anniversary of the Establishment of Taipei City Special Exhibition features special interactive exhibitions and tours on every corner of the city. You will find documentary films about the history of the capital city of Taiwan. The exhibition will run until November 14 in the Bopiliao Historical Building Block in Wanhua District.