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​Themed Salon Lecture—The Witch of Beitou’s Spell to Turn Back Time—Historical Memory and the Rebuilding of Xinbeitou Station

A hundred years ago, the completion of the Xinbeitou railway branch line invigorated the development of the Beitou hot spring industry. However, the elegant wooden buildings and the characteristic dormer windows of Xinbeitou Station soon became a fixture that would long live in the memories of local residents.
When the Tamsui Line was closed, the old station house was removed and relocated to Changhua Taiwan Folk Village. After the strident efforts of local residents, it was rebuilt on the original site as Xinbeitou Metro Station.
Yang Ye, an experienced Beitou Cultural and Historical worker, will describe the century-long history and what life was like around Xinbeitou Station long ago. He will also talk about how local residents strived to ensure the proper restoration of Xinbeitou Station, filling in gaps in our historical knowledge and providing a rich foundation for the growth of local culture and history.
Venue: No. 1, Qixing Street, Beitou District, Taipei City
Date: December 26, 15:00–16:30
Lecturer: Yang Ye