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Ding Du-Lan the New Planning Director of the Northern District Popular Music Center

The Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau announced on April 7 that the role of Planning Director of the Northern District Popular Music Center will be filled by renowned concert director Ding Du-Lan (Baboo). Over the next two years, Mr. Ding will oversee the integration of facilities at the center, implement planning operations, and set up channels for overseas exchange. The aim is to transform the Northern District Popular Music Center into an international cultural facility.
The center is conveniently located in the accessible Nangang District. It covers just under nine hectares and is divided into North and South Zones, connected by a bridge. The North Zone consists of a performance hall capable of accommodating up to 6,300 people, while the South Zone contains a museum of popular music and an industrial area. The center will present visitors with the results of the latest musical creation software and hardware technology plus international industry news. It will attract talented people from diverse background to exchange ideas and collaborate, and will provide audiences with different types of space and direct interaction. The center will play an important role in promoting the C-pop. The center’s long-term development strategy is to cultivate talent chains in the popular music industry, build up the industry’s international presence, construct industrial settlements, and become an urban tourist attraction. The North Zone Performance Hall is due for completion in June 2018, and the South Zone Popular Music Museum and industrial area should be completed in October 2018 and October 2019, respectively.
Appointed following a rigorous and impartial selection process, Ding Du-Lan is an experienced musician who understands the needs of independent music circles in Taiwan. He is also deeply familiar with Chinese recording companies and pop music industry trends. In addition, Mr. Ding has a wealth of experience in concert production and understands Taiwan’s concert production environment, which will enable him to communicate effectively with all manner of Taiwanese production team and create a professional performance environment. Mr. Ding has also acted as concert producer for popular Taiwanese band Mayday, accompanying them on their overseas tours of many world-famous venues and learning their strengths and weaknesses in terms of management and service.
Mr. Ding also has experience organizing concerts. He understands the changes currently taking place in the Chinese concert market and has extensive contacts with overseas performance brokerage companies. His knowledge and abilities will help the Northern District Popular Music Center provide an environment that accommodates international performance needs and bring concert production standards in Taiwan to international levels.
Speaking about his appointment as Planning Director, Mr. Ding said he will be the public’s chief conduit for information about the music industry and about the work of the Center as it moves toward completion. The Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau anticipates that Mr. Ding's wealth of qualifications and professional experience will help make the Northern District Popular Music Center a major music center that seamlessly blends avant-garde music and combines this with international musical performance trends.