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Free charity events for children around Taiwan

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Photo from LBLF
Wearing red clown’s noses, two members of staff from the Law Insurance Broker Co. entertain the children.

By Yali Chen
Free charity events for parents and children, including a free outdoor performance, took place on November 1 in the square outside Taipei Zhongshan Hall.
Li Shu-fen (李淑芬), Chairwoman of the Law Insurance Broker Co. (錠嵂保險經紀人公司), set up the Law Broker Love Foundation (LBLF) (錠嵂藍鵲社會福利慈善事業基金會) in 2014 to engage in a variety of social welfare services. The charitable foundation is committed to caring for the disadvantaged in Taiwan.

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Photo from LBLF
Other members of staff perform.
Since 2016, the organization has promoted a series of projects, including clown performances for families, winning the Taiwan Insurance Excellence Awards in 2017 and 2019. The performers are all employees at the insurance broker. Each year they give performances with different themes and do volunteer work with other social welfare organizations.
For the past five years, the red-nosed clowns have been spending quality time with 2,400 kids through the social welfare organizations, and invitations to the shows were sent to about 5,000 adults and children. In this way, the volunteers have spread their love and care among more than 7,000 families.
Last year’s show, Adventure of True Love (真愛大冒險), won much praise from audiences.

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Photo from LBLF
A girl shows her drawing of herself with a red nose.

This year, the foundation will hold three charity performances and fairs: in Taipei on November 1, in Taichuang on November 22, and in Tainan on November 29.
For the first time, this year the foundation will also hold outdoor performances. Children who are suffering from illness are encouraged to attend the free shows accompanied by their parents, along with children from social welfare groups.
This year’s performances were choreographed by Xie Shu-xuan (謝姀璇) and Shi Dong-lin (施冬麟) from Golden Bough Theatre (金枝演社)—one of the outstanding teams supported by the Ministry of Culture. The shows will mainly feature clown acts.
After the shows, the clowns will give away balloons to the children. Parents and kids can also take part in workshops and enjoy snacks made by hand by the social welfare organizations. Free tickets are now available at https://www.facebook.com/LawBrokerLOVE/.