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2017 Taiwan Yueqin and Folk Song Festival

The 2017 Taiwan Yueqin and Folk Song Festival, a large-scale music event, will be held in Beitou district between July 29 and August 27. The festival is being organized by the Taiwan Yueqin Folk Song Association (TYFSA) and the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs, and this year marks its seventh anniversary.
According to Chen Ming-Chang (陳明章), founder of TYFSA, the yueqin (also known as the Taiwanese “moon guitar”) has been praised as delivering “the most authentic sound from Taiwan” and is widely used to accompany traditional performance art such as Taiwanese opera, Cart Drum, Beiguan, and Liam-Kua (storytelling). In an effort to instill new life into yueqin performance, TYFSA holds daily lessons and puts on the annual Yueqin and Folk Song Festival to explore the boundless possibilities of Taiwanese art.
After a series of events at the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, the festival will continue in other nearvy venues to attract more visitors to enjoy the fun in Beitou.
The four-week event consists of various spectacular shows that are simply too good to miss.
On August 12, renowned musicians Wang Jin-Ying and Ko Ming-Feng will present the essence of Taiwanese opera, and on August 19 the Yulin XuYang Traditional Car Drum Troupe will demonstrate the skill of Cart Drum opera. On Saturday nights, festival-goers can enjoy local opera and Hengchun folk at the Yueqin & Folk Party, or experience a “Beiguan night” with Beiguan master Zhuang Jin-Cai and his Hanyan Beiguan Troupe. Featuring venerable masters Liao Chiung-Chih and Hsu Mu-Jen, celebrated artists Hsu Ching-Chun, Li Ping-Hui, and the Wa-Sanxian Party (和三絃會) from Japan, the two-day closing event on August 26 and 27 will include the perfect end to the festival, a show entitled “Pass it on to the next generation: Taiwanese traditional folk song party”.
Presenting local folk music and painted yueqin art, everyone is welcome to come to the 2017 Taiwan Yueqin and Folk Song Festival. All events and activities are free of charge. The Beitou Hot Spring Museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. For more information on the festival, please visit the official website and the Facebook fan page.
Official website: http://hotspringmuseum.taipei
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeitouMuseum1913