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Wander Through the Old Houses | Route 2: Architectural Encyclopedia of the Republic of China in Caoshan

[Guided tour]


Former Residence of Yan Xishan → Yangmingshan American Military Housing (Caoshan Old Town) → Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Branch Director’s Dormitory (Cama Coffee Roasters)


Route introduction:


Caoshan (草山) is the old name for Yangmingshan (陽明山). Located at a strategic high point in the mountains, it has a stunning view of the Taipei Basin. In the 1950’s, the American military stationed soldiers here to support the Republic of China government, also building an American Southern-styled military barracks. Later, many famous personalities visited or lived here, which spawned different styles of housing in Caoshan. These old houses have weathered years of historical transformation and have been restored and renovated.


Date: September 24

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