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2023 Human Rights Journey and Human Rights Workshop

2023 Human Rights Journey and Human Rights Workshop

The Human Rights Journey is divided into three routes: Voice of the Era, Voice of Broadcast, and Voice of Inspiration. 

Voice of the Era: This route will take you back in time to the year 1947, revisiting scenes of the 228 Incident. Join us on this reflective journey as we explore this significant period in history.

Voice of Broadcast: Step back to the year 1920, when the people of Taiwan began to develop a sense of self-awareness and gradually formed a cultural identity. Many remnants from newspapers and radio stations along this route testify to the importance of the right to “speak out”.

Voice of Inspiration: This route delves into the turbulent era of the 1940s, with a particular focus on the patriotic democratic movement centered around student activism. As we move into the martial law period, we examine the challenges to the development of free and democratic thought in Taiwan.

Rooted in the concept of “transitional justice”, the Human Rights Workshop explores a range of lecture themes, including social events, cultural heritage preservation and human rights sites, and human rights and art. These topics are presented in the light-hearted, humorous style of American comic strips, blending human rights issues into storytelling.