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The Flowing Years: A Special Exhibition of Early Images by Sun Yun-Suan

Now until June 26
Long ago, people tried to capture the beauty of the moment amidst time’s ebb and flow and preserve it forever. But unlike today’s camera-equipped mobile devices that can take pictures and delete them at the touch of a button, in the early days shooting and developing images was expensive. Thus, people took great care over the opening of the shutter, and the images left behind were precious.
Sun Yun-Suan was always fond of photographic records. Whether he was working, traveling or at home, he took the trouble to preserve those moments in images. This exhibition makes deft use of vintage slide projectors and uses modern technology to reproduce slides and 8mm films from more than 50 years ago, so that a beautiful flow of time can once again be presented to modern audiences.
Website: http://sysmm.org/index.php