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The Legend of the Sea Monster (大海怪的傳說)


Legend has it that hundreds of millions of years ago, humans were amphibious creatures peacefully coexisting in the sea. At that time, the underwater kingdom was governed by the peace-loving sperm whale, which also made humans welcome in the underwater world. However, everything changed one fateful day when a greedy human stole the pearl that illuminated the underwater kingdom, casting the entire realm into darkness and chaos...

Performance Format: Parent & Child Musical Puppetry

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Dates: 7.30 pm, Friday 27 October; 2.30 pm, Saturday 28 October; 10.30 am & 2.30 pm, Sunday 29 October

Location: Wenshan Theater

Performing Group: Be Theatre

Since its founding, Be Theatre has been dedicated to promoting children’s theater. Our goal is to use captivating theatrical performances to make children feel confident and happy, enabling them to discover their unique qualities and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. We also aim to use theater to help children understand life, grasp the art of living, face challenges, and deal with reality, so they do not feel lost.