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2009 Taipei Heritage Day kicks off with art parade and bazaar

Featuring cultural creativity bazaars and an art parade, and even a sound and light show, the 2009 Taipei Heritage Day organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government kicked off at several historic sites in Taipei on September 19, presenting a family-fun and cultural weekend for residents of the capital city.  
This event was held in conjunction with World Heritage Day, which was initiated by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication in 1984. World Heritage Day falls on the third weekend of September and is aimed at directing global attention to the preservation of historic monuments. According to the Taipei City's Department of Cultural Affairs, the program is aimed at helping the public to better understand the city's cultural heritage through a fun and interesting approach.

The event kicked off at 2pm in the plaza next to Taipei Zhongshan Hall, one of four convention halls erected during the Japanese rule period, as well as at the 100-year-old Futai Street Mansion, with both locations featuring art and gourmet bazaars.
At 5pm, a parade made up of children dressed in cute costumes, street artists and cultural workers kicked off at Taipei's North Gate, a first-class historic relic constructed during the Qing dynasty.
During the event the organizers offered traditional steamed cakes called "Chicken cakes" to participants in the parade, causing quite a stir among the crowds.

To present a newer and better image for the ancient architectural works, the organizers also presented a sound and light show in front of the Taipei Zhongshan Hall starting at 7pm, attracting hundreds of visitors to the plaza to enjoy a feast for the eyes and the ears.