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Old House Time Machine – Getting to Know about Old Houses – South Town Tour|Exploring Symbiosis amongst the Alleys

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[Route for Guided Tours]
Route: Meet up at Xiaonanmen Exit No.3 → Guest House of Imperial Envoys Museum inside Botanical Garden → National Taiwan Arts Education Center → National Taiwan Museum Nanmen Branch → Gen. Sun Li-Jen Residence (Taiwan Army Club) → Nanchang Park → Changcing Temple → Fireweeds
Time: 14:00-17:00 on 11/20 (Sat.); 14:00-17:00 on 11/21 (Sun.)
Meet-Up Venue: Xiaonanmen Exit No.3
“South Town” represents the southern region outside of Taipei City, which was gradually developed along with the establishment of Taipei City since the Qing Dynasty. In the Japanese Ruling Era, the Government-General of Taiwan chose this place for modern urban development, as well as the demonstrative indexing venue for national citizen education. Many of the old houses have remained until today. For this reason, the South Town is filled with a historical sentiment, as well as enriched in a strong cultural ambience.

[Intro to the Tour Guide]
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Tour guide: Aqua (Shui Ping Zi)