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Boundary Creative: The Other Side

Boundary Creative: The Other SideEven dead or alive can be easy

The living often see death as something negative. But what about the dead? In the final moments of life, what do we remember? Simple but unforgettable conversations? Small but cherished dreams we never fulfilled? Or wounds we thought insignificant but cannot forget? Regrets are a constant part of life’s journey. What we need is to genuinely accept our regrets or find some way to take solace.

The Boundary Creative team reinterprets the boundaries of space and theater from a theatrical perspective, embarking on a comprehensive experiment in spatial transformation and audience experience. Blurring the lines between static exhibition and dynamic performance, they aim to discover diverse forms of dialogue between creators and audience, striving for dialogues with society and even across generations.


7.30 pm, Friday 17 November 

2.30 pm & 7.30 pm, Sunday 18 November 

2.30 pm, Sunday 19 November