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​Revisiting Old Houses—Reading Old Houses—Wandering among old districts

Old House New Life: Visiting a Restored Hundred-year-old Quarter

​Revisiting Old Houses—Reading Old Houses—Wandering among old districts img-1
Guided Tour
Route: Qingtian 76 à Qingtian Teahouse à Governor-General of Taiwan, Forest Section Dormitory à Taipei Prison Former Officers’ Quarters à Jinjin Ding
Time: 2:00 pm–5:00 pm, Saturday, October 30 & Sunday, October 31
Rendezvous: Qingtian 76
Designed by Professor Adachi Masashi, this route passes by Qingtian 76. The architectural details are unique and worth observing closely. The Forest Section Dormitory is well-preserved, showing the spatial hierarchy in place during the colonial period. The Former Officers’ Quarters at Taipei Prison preserves evidence of local history with profound historical meaning.
⟡ Interactive highlight: Taste pineapple cake and cane sugar at Jinjin Ding, one of the achievements of the old house restoration movement. Venue: Jinjin Ding.

About the Tour Guide
​Revisiting Old Houses—Reading Old Houses—Wandering among old districts-2
Tour guide Aqua (Shui Ping Zi)
Shui Ping Zi (Aqua) is Head of Culture at Qingtian 76 and a renowned tour guide. He loves to walk about the city and leave traces of his footsteps in cities around the world. When he walks over a bridge, he wants to learn more about the river and the stories behind it. Aqua loves to visit art museums and find out the stories behind each painting. His publications include Wandering in Taipei, Impressions of Taipei Cafés, Coffee Time in Taipei, and Hours in Bookstores.