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12 Young Musicians in the Final of 2021 My Sound My Way!

Four original music expos and six lectures to be presented at the end of November Elephant Gym, Tizzy Bac, Cosmospeople, and katncandix2.0 giving concerts in the streets of Xinyi District

2021 My Sound My Way, an urban music brand sponsored by the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs, will hold four final concerts and six music lectures on three consecutive weekends starting November 6. Twelve young musicians who performed brilliantly in the preliminary and semi-final rounds have made it through to the final, where they will demonstrate their superb singing skills on stage.

Renowned bands such as Elephant Gym, Tizzy Bac, Cosmospeople, and katncandix2.0 will also perform on stage, laying out a smorgasbord of fantastic music. The music lectures will see Dela (the owner of KAO!INC., a hip-hop label), Good Band (a well-known independent band), and other musicians share their experiences in the music industry. Admission is free of charge and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the spectacular pop music culture of Taipei City.

Lead singer of Sunset Rollercoaster chairs jury
Submissions hit new high, despite pandemic
Kuo Kuo, lead singer of Sunset Rollercoaster, winner of Best Band at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards, was invited to chair the jury of the original music contest for 2021 My Sound My Way. Representatives from Taiwanese and Japanese music labels were invited to act as judges, including Budhan (manager of Sunset Music and Moon Romantic Office Taipei), LUC fest (music festival curator), Jerry Li (CLOUDRIVER; music producer), Again, Swing Wang, KT Chang (bassist of “Elephant Gym), and Tso Kuang-Ping (music worker). 

Submissions for this year’s contest hit a new high, with 365 submissions by young musicians from the US, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, and Taiwan, demonstrating the strength of My Sound My Way’s brand. After the online qualifiers and onsite semi-finals, 12 young bands made it to the final: Codie, fuvva, Locu5, Qzzy, Resa Club, Savulu&Laway, This afternoon, Kuroshio, Wake Back To Bed, Vulgar Savior, Sherry Cheng, and Chico.
To help the twelve shortlisted bands give their best performances in the final, My Sound My Way set up a series of comprehensive training sessions, including Song and Lyric Writing, Managing, Sound Control/Recording Software and Hardware, and Musical Performance. It is hoped that this training from professionals on the jury and experienced musicians will enable the contestants to unleash their potential and optimize their stage performance.

12 finalists to perform in the streets of Xinyi District
Twelve young bands will perform in the final at Xinyi Xianti Avenue Plaza on November 6 & 7 and at Xinyi 21 Square (101 Water Dance Square) on November 13 & 14. The six winners will be chosen by the jury and audience. In addition to performances by the 12 finalists, several prominent bands have been invited to give guest performances at the grand finale to celebrate musical originality and heritage.
Guest performers will include Tizzy Bac (winner of the Golden Melody Award), Elephant Gym (a world-renowned digital rock band), katncandix2.0 (making a miraculous comeback in 2021), Cosmospeople, and past My Sound My Way winners Jewel Chang, Urban Rain Man, Maffine, and Iron Punch Band.
The public is invited to come and enjoy live music at the My Sound My Way venues and support these excellent young bands over two consecutive weekends. For people who can’t make it in person, the concerts will be livecast on Facebook, YouTube, and LINE Music.

Free tickets to 6 music talks
Major musicians will unveil the secrets of professional musicians

In addition to the exciting concerts and catching up with the latest trends, My Sound My Way will present six music talks at Popop Taipei (Nangang Bottle Cap Factory) on November 20 & 21 on topics relating to the exploration and diversification of the music industry and the rise of music professions.

Entitled “Unveiling the Six Secrets of Professional Musicians”, the talks will focus on independent bands, record label managers, recording artists, running live music venues, cross-border cooperation, and music festival sponsorship. Dela, Good Band, and Chen Hong-Shu (director of Street Voice, a music channel) are among the figures who will shares their ups and downs in the music industry. This year’s six winners will also be invited to perform live.
Free tickets will be available on ACCUPASS starting from noon on November 4. Come along and find out more about the work of professional musicians and enjoy live performances by the six winners of My Sound My Way.
Apart from providing bands with an opportunity to perform, My Sound My Way will also help them continue to grow musically by staging December concerts for the six winners of this year’s contest. (Tickets will be on sale.) For further information on the concerts please follow updates from the official My Sound My Way websites, below. For more information on cultural activities in Taipei City, please consult the official website Design For Taipei, operated by the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs: [link]
My Sound My Way websites
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