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Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village

Residency artists upcoming joint presentation for Q1 2024

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Now that the Covid pandemic has finally subsided, the Artist-in-Residence Taipei (台北藝術進駐) call for submissions has finally been relaunched to seek outstanding residency projects for 2024. 

The projects are intended to use abundant artistic energy to bring cross-cultural dialogues and exchanges to the surrounding communities of Treasure Hill and Taipei City. In 2024, over 20 groups of domestic and international artists/teams are expected to participate. 

During their three-month residency, these creators will develop art research projects relating to local cultural history and geography. By these artists’ perceiving and being aware of daily experiences and collaborating with the people of Taiwan, they will form a close connection between art and locality, sparking experimental creations. 

The residency journey will also nurture the artists, integrating personal and collective experiences, local and international perspectives, and a variety of issues and creative concepts, establishing a solid foundation for their next works, and allowing each artistic endeavor to spark wide-ranging thinking. The depth and value of art is conveyed through the vibrant creations of international residency artists.

This year, the first exhibition at Treasure Hill will be the 2024 First Quarter Residency Artists Joint Presentation (2024 年第一季駐村藝術家聯合發表). As an international art village, Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village has developed a comprehensive reception process and established strong relationships with various international residency institutions. It is well-prepared to welcome artists from different fields, each bringing their unique style of creation. Passersby often catch glimpses of artists working or conducting field research, and wonder what they are up to. The exhibition will give viewers a glimpse into the research and creative processes of residency artists during this period. Through the eyes of the artists, they can reexamine their familiar living environment from different perspectives.

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The 2024 First Quarter Residency Artists Joint Presentation (2024 年第一季駐村藝術家聯合發表) brings together four resident artists from all over the globe: Jidanun Lueangpiansamut from Thailand, French art group Ouazzani Carrier, and Transfield Studio from Japan. With their diverse cultural backgrounds, these artists utilize various mediums such as painting, sculpture, literature, video, and research projects to illustrate cultural similarities and differences between Taipei and their home countries. They also reflect on their relationship with Treasure Hill, interpreting the unique vitality and vigor of Treasure Hill from the perspectives of artists from different countries. Through this, the Taiwanese audience can deeply sense that art can be seamlessly integrated into daily life.

This year’s exciting exhibition, “Crypto Residency Program Results Presentation,” continues the theme of the open call, “Blockchain Field,” and features 10 creators from Taiwan and abroad. 

Participants include Taiwanese artists Yi-Pin Huang, Mu-Yun Huang, Chia-Min Liu, and Meng-Chieh Yu, Malaysian art group Koh Kai Ting + AW Boon Xi, Ukrainian artist Veronika Cherednychenko, British artist Abi Huxtable, Ecuadorian artist Henry Lamina, Bulgarian artist Klimentina Milenova, and Indian artist Apoorva Singh. 

Through the lens of online residency and artistic field investigations, the exhibition examines separately how the five decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) operate, advocate for their principles, and experiment with projects on the blockchains of Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand. The results are presented through a combination of online and physical formats.

The residency joint exhibition focuses on exploring and presenting the experiences of residency artists in Taipei and their cross-cultural endeavors. The Crypto Residency Program explores how art can integrate with blockchain and DAOs, leading to the development of new practical approaches. A wide range of discussion topics will be incorporated into the exhibition, highlighting the architectural landscape features of Treasure Hill. Exciting events, including discussions with residency artists, will take place during the exhibition period. Art enthusiasts interested in exhibitions are welcome to visit Treasure Hill and appreciate the creative achievements of the residency artists.