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Nuit Blanche Taipei- Rise Up! Expressing Art on the Streets of Freedom


About Nuit Blanche

Originating from France, the Nuit Blanche, or “white night”, has become a global phenomenon with many cities participating around the world. Taipei City has been hosting the event since 2016. Now, in its seventh year, it continues to showcase Taipei’s cultural spirit and energy as the capital city.

How to Experience “Rise Up!” during Nuit Blanche? Remember the #ArtActionCode 3, 6, 9

This year, the Nuit Blanche will guide participants through various cultural experiences with the #ArtActionCode 3, 6, 9: focusing on 3 major venues (+ 1 district as core), integrating 6 major themes, and exploring 9 highlighted art installations to enable participants to feel the transformative power of art as a social force.

3 Major Venues + 1 District Transforming Downtown Taipei into the Largest Art Plaza

National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei City Council, and Taipei City Hall will be transformed into pedestrian-only art plazas, along with the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

6 Major Themes—A Night of Artistic Collisions

/001/Upload/392/relpic/19809/9050319/955e7e73-db5c-4b09-9e7f-3abb3390374e.jpg1.    International Perspectives

The creative core addressing global issues and visitor participation on various artistic projects.

2.    Art Park

Surrounding the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, exploring the concept of the “unbuyable” in art creation and presenting experimental exhibitions related to social issues.

3.    Street Freedom

Non-stop visual street art creation at the entrance to City Hall, as well as cultural arts performances such as drama, circus acts, music, and stand-up comedy.

4.    Occupying the Government

Using art to occupy Taipei’s two most significant power spaces, transforming the City Council chamber into a theater, the mayor’s office being taken over by cats, and the City Hall corridor turning into a contemporary art gallery.

5.    One-Night Film Festival

Creating an overnight open-air “Fast Lane Cinema” on Ren'ai Road.

6.    Issue Responses

Rallying various teams to respond to social issues under the theme of “Rise Up!”

9 Highlights: Showcasing the Spirit of the Times

1. Urban Photography Project

A portrait photography van traveling worldwide will photograph 1500 people of Taipei, advocating for freedom and democracy in Taiwan.

2. Ice People Art Action

Leading the public in creating ice sculptures to explore the issues of monuments and global warming.

3. 24-Hour Relay Live Painting

Conducting non-stop creation at the Taipei City Hall entrance, symbolizing the preciousness of our creative energy and expression.

4. The Unbuyable Art Park

Transforming the area around the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall into a secret art base, embodying the spirit of “Rise Up!”

5. Starlit City Hall

A 6-hour stand-up comedy performance on Shifu Road, showing Taipei’s most democratic side.

6. Unboxing the City Council

Turning the council chamber into a theater and integrating physical performances, circus acts, and drama, creating a space of joy and inclusivity.

7. Mayor Cat's Occupation

Cats taking over the mayor’s office, attempting to change Taipei from a feline perspective!

8. Taipei Grand Ballroom, Era DJs and Golden Hits

DJs from various eras invited to tell Taipei’s story through music.

9. Fast Lane Cinema

On Ren'ai Road, enjoy classic Taipei films under the towering skyscrapers as a gentle breeze blows.

Join us at 6 pm on October 7 for Nuit Blanche’s “Rise Up!”

We look forward to everyone experiencing a night of psychic enrichment unlike any other.