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New Cultural Movement Month

Centenary of the Taiwan Cultural Association – The Reemergence of Time and Space

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The memorial concert Taiwan Cultural Association – 100 Years of Light and Shadow
To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Taiwan Cultural Association, the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum is planning to launch the “New Cultural Movement Month” in October. “The Reemergence of Time and Space” will be the theme of the anniversary celebration, with a series of activities—including special exhibitions, theater, music, art, book fairs, bazaars, and various other events—to convey the spirit of the Taiwan New Cultural Movement. It is hoped that people will use history as a mirror in which to see themselves and be inspired by the dialogue between past history and contemporary life, so that Taiwan’s New Cultural Movement can continue for the next hundred years. 
Visitors who wish to feel the atmosphere of the 100th anniversary of the Taiwan Cultural Association should come to Dadaocheng (an important venue for the Cultural Association) on October 16 for the “Island Concert” and dress-up fair in Yongle Square. Listeners will be treated to modern reinterpretations of songs composed over the past hundred years. There are also shops with a hundred years of history and street vendors selling merchandise specially designed for the 100th Anniversary. Vintage-style suits can be made to order, dishes from the secret recipes of gentry, delicious soups to stimulate your taste buds, delightful sweets, Bopomofo-shaped cakes spelling out “Cultural Association” in Chinese, special co-branded soaps, and themed book fairs. Visitors who check in on Facebook when they visit the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum on October 17 (the day of the 100th anniversary) will be offered a limited-edition 100th anniversary Taiwan Cultural Association gift.
Due to the pandemic, the New Cultural Movement Month has also developed many online activities, including a podcast called “Tattlers’ Meeting” that will start in October. The podcast will look at everyday life, with topics including life and art, core work for the Cultural Association, and how contemporary art creators have found common responses to history and modernity.
Two online talks will also be given: representatives from the Taipei Fine Arts Museum will discuss their experience of the incubation process, and the Taipei Chinese Orchestra will talk about the process of composing music with historical texts. In the “Cultural Salon,” an online forum, famous scholars and writers will be invited to converse about past and present. In the online drama “100 Years Induction,” the audience will be taken back to 1921, the year of the birth of the Cultural Association and the awakening of Taiwan’s youth. The memorial concert Taiwan Cultural Association – 100 Years of Light and Shadow will be broadcast online with an integrated performance consisting of storytelling, music, dance, and poetry to tell the exciting stories of how the Taiwan Cultural Association was promoted by Lin Hsien-Tang, Chiang Wei-Shui and others to enlighten the Taiwanese people.
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Top: Visit the bazaar and wander the streets and you may find limited co-branded merchandise you like.
Bottom: 100 Years Induction, a drama
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Key vision of the online forum “Cultural Salon”
The 2021 journal issued by the New Taiwan Cultural Movement Memorial Museum is titled “Culture Diagnosis Appointment 10x10.” 10 “Interpretations of Diaries” and 10 “Issues Raised” will be cross-examined to provoke the reader to ponder the relationship between people and the times they live in. In the online themed book fair Bookless People Assembly, the coming of a new age is announced in writing so people can understand the significance of the 100th anniversary of the Cultural Association for today’s Taiwan. Through the activities of the New Cultural Movement Month, people will be able to experience the feeling of the coming of a new age. With a richer understanding of history, Taiwan’s wider society will have a new perspective on life today. Looking forward, who knows what the next hundred years will bring.
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New Cultural Movement Month
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