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2023 Taipei Fashion Week—Showcasing the Vibrancy of Diversity and Inclusion in Taipei

2023 Taipei Fashion Week—Showcasing the Vibrancy of Diversity and Inclusion in Taipei

2023 Taipei Fashion Week—Showcasing the Vibrancy of Diversity and Inclusion in Taipei

In recent years, awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion has become widespread in the fashion industry. Models no longer come in only one size and shape, and definitions of beauty have shifted to prioritize self-identification and body consciousness and overturn old stereotypes. Social awareness of different ethnicities and transgender identity has also become a source of inspiration for designers.

The 2023 Taipei Fashion Week embodies the spirit of diversity and inclusion and is showcasing new definitions of beauty, free from mainstream constraints. The fashion industry is no longer limited to one age, one size, or one ethnicity, but instead offers more possibilities. Every individual is unique and can express themselves more freely and confidently at Taipei Fashion Week, showcasing their own style and taste and exploring limitless creative potential, much like the city of Taipei, which reflects freedom and diverse vitality!

The 2023 Taipei Fashion Week event remains a collaborative effort between the Taipei City Government, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and other organizations. This year, it will run from September 29 to October 29 and take place in three major shopping districts: Xinyi District, East District, and Southwest District. In addition to seeing over ten branded fashion shows and the International Fashion Forum at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (SCCP), the fashion week’s much-anticipated closing show will debut at Taipei’s new landmark, Taipei Dome on SCCP Song Yan Avenue. 

Xiangti Avenue in Xinyi will also feature pop-up stores by well-known brands, while the 5th floor of SOGO Taipei Fuxing Store in the East District will host a designer selection store featuring Taiwan designer brands. Throughout the week, many different kinds of shops in these three major shopping districts will collaborate, with exciting events such as weekend street fashion photography and street fashion shows. This series of engaging activities covers the focal areas of Taipei’s fashion, culture, and art, creating high anticipation and a lively atmosphere throughout the city in October.

Taipei Fashion Week Closing Show: Unlocking Future Aspirations 

The highly anticipated Taipei Fashion Week closing show is scheduled for October 22. Isaac Chen (陳鎮川), who has served as program director for the Golden Horse Awards for many years, will be taking on the role of creative director. As he collaborates with Taiwan’s leading professional team, they aim to create a fashion extravaganza on the scale of an international event. This year, the grand show will be held at Taipei Dome on Song Yan Avenue, formerly the SCCP entrance. Holding the closing show here symbolizes the activation of the site, heralding its diverse potential for future developments in design and sports at Taipei Dome and SCCP.

Designer Selection Store and Stylish Boutiques Unite for Fashion

This year’s designer selection store will be open on the 5th floor of the conveniently located SOGO Taipei Fuxing Store from October 11 to October 29, offering clothing, accessories, and bags of more than 30 Taiwanese designers. The store will provide the public with the opportunity to purchase the latest seasonal products all in one place. The event will connect the Xinyi, East, and Southwest Districts, showcasing several highly popular brand boutiques and enabling the public to discover these unique, style-forward fashion brands, trendy culinary offerings, and beauty and haircare products, as well as distinctive small shops tucked away in the city’s alleyways.

2023 International Fashion Forum: Diversity and Sharing 

The International Fashion Forum will feature various topics this year, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, AI development trends, and the speakers’ experiences of international fashion weeks. The diversity and inclusion movement goes beyond changes in body size and gender—it delves deeper into cultural and social awareness, changing the essence of design and in recent years becoming a core element for major brands. 

This is a continuously evolving process, so the speakers at the forum will engage in fascinating discussions about the impact of the convenience of AI on the fashion design industry. Taking cues from previous fashion weeks, the Korean fashion industry has flourished through collaborative efforts involving the government, businesses, and the private sector. Seoul Fashion Week has gradually transformed into an internationally recognized fashion event. 

Registration for the International Fashion Forum is free, and in addition to in-person attendance, it will be accessible online. We encourage everyone to register ASAP and watch online to gain insight into industry trends and international connections.