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2023 Taipei Music Non-Stop: This Is Our Frequency

November 11 & 12 at the Taipei Music Center


In 2023, the annual pop music extravaganza Taipei Music Non-Stop, jointly organized by the Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs and Taipei Music Center, will revolve around the themes “Believe in Yourself” and “Unfathomable.” The idea is to encourage people to have faith in themselves and the creative process, fostering an environment of continuous growth and innovation. 

The selection process for the Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest began in August, with 10 outstanding teams advancing to the finals after training and performance, ready to take the stage. An interconnected series of events, including the Taipei Music Conference, Backstage Tour: Rehearsal Tours (Backstage Tour 彩排導覽), and the Non-Stop Music Festival (不斷電音樂節), showcase the industry landscape and facilitate international knowledge-sharing and exchange. These events will take place on November 11 and 12.

Backstage Tour: Rehearsal Tours (Backstage Tour 彩排導覽)

A new addition this year is the on-site backstage tour, allowing participants to get up close and personal with the mysteries behind the scenes. Speakers will describe their experience to provide the audience with in-depth insights into the inner workings of the music industry.

Session One, “Concert Director’s Experience” (演唱會導演經驗談), will be presented on November 11 by concert director Yi-wei Chin (秦翊瑋), who will discuss the various stages of his work from conceptualization to performance. 

In Session Two, “Every Detail in Concerts Documentary” (演唱會紀錄的點點滴滴), hosted by director of Shift Studio Leo Sa, will analyze the key aspects of shooting concerts of different scale and the necessary preparations. 

Session Three, “The Golden Ratio of Live Sound” (現場聲音的黃金比例), will be presented on November 12 by Yueh-cheng Wang (王悅丞), audio engineer at Legacy, who will explain the importance of rehearsals for live music performances and the associated challenges. 

Session Four, “I Want to Perform Abroad! Experiences in Overseas Concert Production” (我想出國演出!海外演出製作經驗談), will be delivered by Asami Ma (馬緁羚), an overseas curator based in Japan, who will analyse the working models of the overseas music industry. 

Finally, Session Five, “Sharing Insights into Large-scale Music Event Curation” (大型音樂活動策展分享), will be conducted by Ta-chien Hsiao (蕭達謙), curator of the Vagabond Festival, who will delve into every aspect of music festival planning and production.

Tickets for the Backstage Tour: Rehearsal Tours (Backstage Tour 彩排導覽) can be purchased on the KKTIX platform, which offers one-day tickets valid for one, two or three sessions. The first 30 buyers of one-day tickets will receive a VIP backstage tour pass.

Taipei Music Conference

The Taipei Music Conference will consist of two sessions held at Live House D. Admission is free and the event will be livestreamed on YouTube. Anyone interested in exploring international music collaborations can attend the event in person or enjoy the exciting content online.

The November 11 session features speakers such as Shinichiro Honda (本多真一郎), general director of Zepp New Taipei, Arthur Chen (陳彥豪), general manager of Legacy, and Narada Terada (寺田成昇), overseas CEO of AKB48. 

On November 12, the speakers include David Siow and Mike Constantino, co-founders of the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, and Kwon Kyoung-Mi (權敬美), a CEO who has collaborated with numerous Taiwanese and Korean singers. The speakers will share insights into the cultural and market differences in music performances across various countries, as well as their experiences planning and executing international music festivals.

Non-Stop Music Festival (不斷電音樂節)

Taking place on November 11 and 12 in the outdoor performance space at Taipei Music Center, the Non-Stop Music Festival features six top-winning teams from the Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest who distinguished themselves in the finals. 

The teams began their North, Central, and South Taiwan tours in early November, alongside last year’s Non-Stop champions, including Sonnie, Traveller (旅人), and Viber (氣氛人). For the last leg of their tour, they will come to the grand stage at Taipei Music Center. Teams ranked between seven and ten will perform at Live House D.

The festival has also invited iconic musicians, including the Taiwanese-language revival sensation Sorry Youth (拍謝少年), the Golden Melody Award-winning band Fire EX. (滅火器), the electronic retro-wave icon Icyball (冰球), the ethereal and new-generation Vast&Hazy, the cutting-edge Bestards (理想混蛋), the wildly popular Papun Band (怕胖團), and the dance-rock powerhouse P!SCO. Together, these seven top music groups will deliver outstanding performances.

2023 Taipei Music Non-Stop (臺北音樂不斷電)

[Backstage Tour: Rehearsal Tours Sessions] (Backstage Tour 彩排導覽講座)

Time: 12.20 pm–1.20 pm & 2.00 pm–3.00 pm, Saturday 11 November 

12.10 pm–1.10 pm & 1.50 pm–2.50 pm & 3.30 pm–4.30 pm, Sunday 12 November

[Taipei Music Conference]

Time: 3.40 pm–5.10 pm, Saturday 11 November

6.10 pm–7.40 pm, Sunday 12 November

▍[Non-Stop Music Festival] (不斷電音樂節)

Time: 1.20 pm–9.00 pm, Saturday 11 November

1.10 pm–9.20 pm, Sunday 12 November

Location: Outdoor Performance Space at Taipei Music Center

Featuring performances by: 2023 Non-Stop Top 7 Teams, Bestards, Papun Band, P!SCO, Sorry Youth, Fire EX., Icyball, Vast&Hazy.