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Shiota Chiharu:The Soul Trembles

Taiwan-exclusive Complete Associated Goods Exhibition—Treasure the beautiful moments from visiting the exhibition

Associated goods of “Shiota Chiharu: The Soul Trembles

Associated goods of “Shiota Chiharu: The Soul Trembles

Held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) during this May 1st to October 17th, the “Shiota Chiharu: The Soul Trembles” exhibition curated by Mami Kataoka, director of Mori Art Museum is the largest, comprehensive exhibition of the works by internationally renowned artist Shiota Chiharu, which include a number of large installations, sculptures, performance art videos, photography, sketches, stage designs, and other related drafts. Visitors can closely appreciate over 100 beautiful works by Shiota over the last 25 years. The exhibition has attracted plenty of positive feedback from leading media and social networking outlets since its inception and even though the museum was closed due to the pandemic, voice guided tours and video guided tour video have been introduced by Director Wang Jun-Jieh. TFAM has also shared the exhibition’s contents on its website so that people can explore the exhibition even at home to experience the therapeutic effects of these works.

Shiota’s works are famous for their intangible remembrance, anxiety, fantasy, and silence. She explores universal questions, such as identity, boundary, and existence to enchant worldwide audiences. After acquiring permission from Shiota, TFAM has developed a small number of exclusive associated goods based on the artist’s core creation concepts for people to treasure and appreciate the beauty of her works. The first round of sales on the exhibition’s opening day is the Double-Sided Poster inspired upon two works: Uncertain Journey and Reflection of Space and Time. The hand-painted postcard set by the artists contain six manuscripts by Shiota for people to explore her view life and existence. The Uncertain Bag is a crochet net (mesh) bag knitted with red cotton strings that forms flexible, and hollow space that corresponds to the artist’s “uncertain” concept. The Soul Trembles Adult Mask launched in collaboration with STYLEi presents the people with daily protection from the pandemic with patterns formed using crisscrossed fine red and black lines.

Facemask designed by TFAM x STYLEi (red)
Facemask designed by TFAM x STYLEi (red)

presence in absence & TFAM x Vacanza

The second round was launched on July 13th in both red and black styles for each of the following products: The Note of the Soul Embroidery Notebook comes with threads and needles inside for people to thread the needle through the cover and back to open this exclusive travel notebook. The line extending downward on the Presence in Absence Tote Bag corresponds to Shiota’s creative stretch with threads. In addition, the postcard set with the actual exhibition at TFAM is also available.

The last round introduced on July 30th features the co-branded Journey of Souls Bracelet by TFAM and accessories brand Vacanza. Offered in a limited quantity of 250 pieces, each bracelet is made elaborately of 925 pure silver and red or black wax strings. The pendant is shaped exclusively like a “ship” found in Shiota’s works as it is elaborate and delicate, and worthy of collection. In addition, the exhibition’s special issue in Traditional Chinese and English was also published in August. the issue includes a special article by curator Kataoka and an interview with Shiota, and also has photos of the exhibition at TFAM.

People are more than welcome to buy the aforementioned nine Taiwan-exclusive Shiota associated products over on the Taiwan Art to Go online store. Each member account is limited to two items for daily purchase regardless of styles or colors, and multiple purchases will be canceled. Visitors shopping at the souvenir shop on the 1st floor of TFAM are also limited to two items for each purchase regardless of styles or colors, and visitors wishing to shop at TFAM should visit the TFAM website to check the opening status of the Museum and tour booking regulations. Items are available only while stock lasts. Please visit the TFAM website for more information regarding the associated products and other related information.

▍Shiota Chiharu: The Soul Trembles
Time: From now on until October 17 (Sun)
Place: Halls 1A and 1B, Taipei Fine Arts Museum