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Xinbeitou Historic Station


The magistrate of Taipei Prefecture, Daikichi Imura, oversees the constructions of Beitou Public Bath and Beitou Park; Xinbeitou thus becomes a new tourist attraction.

The branch line of Tamsui railroad system, Hot Spring Line, is completed with Shinhokuto (Xinbeitou) Station erected; the place name of “Xinbeitou” is established as such.

The station, overloaded due to the increasing tourists, is expanded 1/3 larger following the original design.

Owing to the ban of prostitution and the improvement of bus traffic, the passengers using Xinbeitou Train Station shrinks.

The service of TRA Tamsui Line ceases as the last train departs from Xinbeitou Train Station. The building of the train station is kept intact after architect Chong-Yao Lee actively persuaded Chairman Jin-Shan Shih of Taiwan Folk Village and negotiated with the Commissioner of Taipei Metro Mr. Bao-Jin Ci.

Head of Chang-An Li, Mr. Zhang-Sheng Chen launches the homecoming movement for the old train station with the support from the Residents Assembly. The cultural workers , Peitou association and residents in Beitou launches “Nostalgic Old Station Returns to Xinbeitou” movement. 2005, commissioner to the Dept. of Cultural Affairs Mr. Hsien-Hao Liao makes a visit to Taiwan Folk Village in Changhua with the company of Beitou residents.

Peitou* Association opens the account “Beitou Monument Fund” at “Charitable Trust Fund for the Preservation and Development of Taipei City Monuments,” with hopes of raising funds for the relocation from the public.

The property owner of Taiwan Folk Village, Ri-Rong Property Consultancy Firm, recognizes that a historical building has to be connected with the original site in order to demonstrate the tie in humanity and history between the building and the place, and agrees to donate Xinbeitou Train Station to Taipei City Government.

2016- Reappear of the Centennial Station. A series of events celebrating the Centennial of Xinbeitou Station unfold as the reconstruction of the old station kicks off in the same year. In 2017/04/01, the reconstruction nearby the original site completed.