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Futai Street Mansion

Futai Street MansionName: Futai Street Mansion
Date of establishment: April 19, 2009
Construction type: Municipal heritage site
Telephone: 02-2314-8080
Address: No.26, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

After the first Sino-Japanese War (1894-95), the Treaty of Shimonoseki took effect on May 8, 1895. By the terms of the treaty, Taiwan was ceded to Japan in the same year. Many Japanese subsequently moved to the island.

Japanese well-known property developer Okura Gumi Ltd. also chose to set up a branch office in Taipei. Japanese architect Takaishi Chuzo (1850-1922), a native of Fukuoka City, served as a supervisor for the company.

In 1901, Takaishi decided to establish his construction company – Takaishi Gumi Ltd. Okura Gumi Ltd. was a majority shareholder.

Takaishi built the Futai Street Mansion with European styles in 1910 and used it as his office. He also took part in several major construction projects in Taiwan, including the Sun Moon Lake hydroelectric power plant and a memorial hall in Taipei now known as the National Taiwan Museum.

In 1917, Takaishi Gumi Ltd. closed down. His son Takaishi Weitai founded another construction company.

In the late thirties, the mansion was taken over by Japanese wine dealer Sadowara Yoshio. After the Second World War and the retreat of Japanese citizens, it became public property.

The mansion was left unoccupied until it was eventually turned into a housing complex for officials of the Ministry of National Defense in 1949, with up to six families living there at one time. The last residents moved out in 1998 after the building was designated a historic site by the Taipei City Government in 1997.

Due to renovation works, the mansion will be closed temporarily. For more information, call (02)2720-8889 ext. 3565 (Miss Chang). Commercial space available for rent in the mansion this year, call (02)2555-8484 ext. 28 (Mr. Huang).