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Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Songshan Cultural and Creative ParkLocated in Xinyi District near Taipei 101 and the Taipei World Trade Center, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was created from what was once the Songshan Tobacco Plant and designated the 99th District historic site by the Taipei City government in 2001. The park was revamped in 2011 in order to provide a venue for diversified cultural and creative exhibitions and restore its usefulness for the public. With its makeover, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is now a premier site for cultural and creative industries in Taipei City to display their achievements. 

Designed to serve as a showcase for cultural and creative industries in Taiwan, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park functions as a cultural center and service platform providing a place for diversified exhibitions and events.

The buildings inside the park were extensively renovated to encourage the use of the park for cultural and creative events, to help foster the development of Taiwan's cultural and creative industry, and to establish a reputation for Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Since its opening the park has actively collaborated in and hosted a variety of cultural and art events and has organized exhibitions for local design and audiovisual and related industries. The park has also worked in coordination with the Taiwan Design Center to install permanent exhibits in its Taiwan Design Museum. This not only acts to attract outside exhibits and works that have won competitions such as the Taiwan Excellence Awards, it also facilitates international exchanges and enhances design ideas and innovation. 

The buildings and facilities in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park are classified in three categories:
1. City Designated Historical Sites: Office Buildings housing offices; Warehouses and Conveyor Belts; Cigarette Manufacturing Plant; Boiler Room.
2. Historical Structures: Inspection Room; Machine Repair Plant; Nursery.
3. Featured Environments: Baroque Garden; Ecology Pond; Bath House; Multi-Showcase Hall.
Songshan Cultural and Creative ParkThe park has five major goals:
1. Establish a public platform and develop the cultural and creative industry.
2. Cultivate culture and creativity and encourage cross industry exchanges.
3. Develop innovative experiments and set trends.
4. Provide cultural and arts education and encourage public involvement.
5. Spotlight the cultural and creative industry and put Taiwan on the map.

After integrating its various functions such as education, guidance, exhibitions and retail, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park hopes to concentrate its resources and energy into building a momentum for self-sustaining growth. 

Visiting Information
Location: No.133, Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11072, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
 (Please access from No.553, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd)

Metro: Take the Banqiao Line (Blue) to the Taipei City Hall Station. Exit from Exit 1 and walk west about 400m.
Bus: Take 212, Night Bus 212, Express Bus 232, Red 232, Green 232, 240, Nonstop Direct Bus 240, 270, 299, 919, 1800, 1815, 5500 or Taipei Joint Bus System new Zhongxiao routes (get off at United Daily News stop).

Opening Hours
Indoor areas: 9:00am~6:00pm
Outdoor areas: 8:00am~10:00pm
Outside the park (including the Ecology Pond and areas surrounding the boiler room): Open 24 hours

Songshan Cultural and Creative ParkTour Services
Guided tours for exhibitions or performances in the park are provided according to the organizers. If a guided tour for the park is needed, please contact the park's business center for reservations: 
Tel: +(886) 2 2765-1388
Fax: +(886) 2 2767-1823
E-mail: tcicss@taipeiculture.org
Website: www.songshanculturalpark.org/