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Tangbu Cultural Park

Tangbu Cultural Park

Tangbu Cultural ParkThe Tangbu Cultural Park, located on Dali Street in Wanhua District, occupies an area of around one hectare. It was formerly the Taipei Sugar Refinery run as a Japanese enterprise from 1911 to 1942. In operation for only 31 years, the sugar refinery is the sole venue in Taiwan to offer a look at the culture of the sugar industry that once flourished on the island.
After the Retrocession of Taiwan, the refinery languished under the management of Taiwan Sugar Corporation and was declared the No. 106 Historical Site of Taipei City in 2003. Over the past 13 years, resources from various units under the Taipei City Government, including the Department of Urban Development, Urban Redevelopment Office, Parks & Street Lights Office, Department of Cultural Affairs, and Wanhua District Office, have continuously added input to make it what we see today.
On entering the park, visitors will notice three co-joined warehouses standing in the center of the site. In front of the warehouse are small-scale trains that were used to transport sugar cane in earlier days. There are also a sugar cane farm, an old platform, and a sugar storehouse that are all worth a visit.
Warehouse A is planned as a permanent exhibition. In addition, there are also a sugar culture classroom, an interactive game zone offering a railway-related jigsaw puzzle, and display boards portraying sugar cane farmers for visitors to take photos. According to the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government since trial operation began last year, this has been an ideal place for field trips and family fun. Furthermore, some visitors who once worked for Taiwan Sugar Corporation have helped provide valuable narrative information.
Warehouse B features a huge space of 5.9 meters high which has been transformed into the Tangbu Cultural Warehouse in Wanhua. In addition to serving as a training and rehearsal venue for Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group, it is also open to general performing troupes and community groups.
With a history of over 80 years, Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group is a major impetus behind the establishment of the Sugar Refinery Cultural Park. Warehouse C, where the troupe resides, displays more than 100 pieces of precious costumes, stage properties and cultural relics as well. Among the exhibits are costumes, delicate decorations, large-sized posters and weaponry designed for use in the dramas Hesian-Gu, Han-XiangZi, Legend of White Snake and others.

Tangbu Cultural Park
Location: No. 132-7, 132-9, 132-10, Dali St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City

Warehouse A: Sugar Culture Exhibition Hall
TEL: 02-2306-7975 (10:00-17:00, from Tuesday to Sunday)

Warehouse B: Rehearsal Venue, open for application
TEL: 02-2306-2121

Special exhibition of theatrical legacy from Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group
TEL: 02-2302-2335 EXT: 29 (10:00~17:00, from Friday to Sunday) Appointment required on Wednesday and Thursday