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Digital Art Center, Taipei (DAC Taipei)

Name: Digital Art Center, Taipei (DAC Taipei)
The date of establishment: June 28, 2009
Construction type: General building
Telephone: 02-7736-0708
Address: No.180, Fuhua Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan
Website: http://www.dac.tw/ (in Chinese and English versions)

The establishment of Digital Art Center Taipei is based on the objectives of “R&D, experimentation, creation and incubation.” The center’s goal is to accumulate energy in digital arts and attain the core value of transcending short-term profits because it hopes the various representative organizations that have demonstrated great potential will focus on the long-term ideals and show the real meaning of collective involvement. In doing so, the center hopes to generate the most substantial and rich rewards, thereby establishing itself as the base for the development of the emerging digital content industry.

Since 2009 the DAC Taipei has been operated by the Digital Art Foundation, which comprises veteran organizations with a wealth of experience in the fields of digital and technological arts. They include experts from academic institutions, industries, and the circles of art museum management and creative arts. With high expectations, the center’s intention is to harness cross-industry, cross-platform and cross-regional cooperation by planning and execution of a series of R&D, demonstration and performance exhibition projects, thereby realizing the concept of fusion between digital technologies and arts. Through core values that transcend short-term profits, the DAC Taipei hopes that representative organizations from the various fields will focus on long-term ideals, thus demonstrating the positive meaning of joint collaboration and generating the most substantial and abundant rewards.

Barrier-free facilities: Wheelchair accessible paths and restrooms
Devices for hearing impaired customers: Electronic readout displays and alerting devices
Services: Information desk, drinking fountains, wheelchairs, dining space, seats, and a nursing room