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Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV)

Name: Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV)
The date of establishment: October 2, 2010
Construction type: Community
Telephone: 02-2364-5313
Address: Ln. 230, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan
Website: http://www.artistvillage.org (in Chinese and English versions)

Located on the Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd. in Taipei’s Gongguan district, Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV) was designated as the first historical community of the capital city on May 27, 2011 by the Department of the Cultural Affairs (DCA). Illegal shanties, erected mainly between the 1960s and 1970s, meander up the natural slope, haphazard and intricate, thereby forming one of Taiwan’s unique visual landmarks. The DCA incorporated the ideas of an Artist-in-Residence program and Treasure Hill Traveler’s Hostel into its community revitalization and preservation programs. Treasure Hill Artist Village currently is engaged in three major projects: historical community preservation work, an Artist-in-Residence program, and Treasure Hill Traveler’s Hostel. Such projects aim to build a better future for the settlement of Treasure Hill.

Treasure Hill Artist Village now has 16 studios, where either Taiwanese or international artists-in-residence can work and live for three or six months, as well as two rehearsal rooms, three exhibition rooms and outdoor exhibition space. A total of 17 “Micro Loft” studios offer space for cultural creative workers and groups, thus functioning as a platform for creative exchanges among the workers and groups. Since 2014 Treasure Hill Traveler’s Hostel has opened for cultural creative workers from Taiwan and overseas to stay and experience the local lifestyle.

Barrier-free facilities: Wheelchair accessible paths
Services: Information desk, a medical room, dining space, seats, and a nursing room
Others: Assistance from volunteers