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Taipei Fringe Festival

Taipei Fringe Festival

Taipei Fringe Festival is known for its openness and freedom that embraces all kinds of performances while ignoring all serious screening criteria.
The annual festival encourages freedom and new expressions of creativity and has served as a platform for alternative, non-mainstream and experimental performances.
It helps to relocate art into everyday venues, including parks and coffee shops, so that it can serve as inspiration to more people instead of those selected few.
Taipei Fringe Festival has been improving itself year after year both in quantity and quality. It has become a platform for budding artists. Many theater troupes that were invited to the festival would later nominated for awards and given opportunities to perform in other occasions.
It has become a cradle for young talents and experimental performances.
Taipei Fringe Festival will continue to find new venues around the city that could inspire both performers and spectators. It will also do its best to make art more accessible to everyday life and to ordinary people.
By doing so, performing groups is bound to be more creativity and the festival itself will be more appealing year after year.

For details, log onto the official event website at Chinese version). or call 2528-9580 Ext: 191~199 or our residential service number at 1999 Ext 3607.

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