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Arts spaces

Puppetry Art Center of Taipei

Puppetry Art Center of Taipei

Puppetry Art Center of TaipeiIn 1998, Lin Ching-fu, Chairman of the Taiyuan Arts and Culture Foundation, donated a collection of his puppets that he had gathered over several decades to the Taipei City Government.

Intended as a venue for exhibition, performance, teaching, and collection of these puppets, the Puppetry Art Center of Taipei opened August 7, 2004, next to the CPCity Living Mall – the biggest shopping mall in East Asia.

The center is divided into four areas: glove puppets, string puppets, shadow puppets, and interactive games. It also offers children DIY puppetry classes, teaching them how to make simple hand puppets and rod puppets from materials available in everyday life.

Teachers, students and families are encouraged to take advantage of the Puppetry Art Center and its wide array of puppet exhibitions, performances, interactive games and guided tours.

If You Go….
Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm Tuesdays to Sundays
Telephone: (02) 2528-9553
Address: 2F, No. 99, Civic Blvd. Sec. 5, Taipei City

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