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Recommended Tour routes of Public Art in Taipei

Q: What are the recommended tour routes of public art in Taipei?

A: The five routes to appreciate the public art in the capital city proposed by website Taipei Public Art are:

1.“Invisible Space v.s. Visualized Artistry” - Exploring the artistic surrounding of public infrastructure, and strolling around the leisure sports park affiliated to Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant. 2.Leisure space for Hi-tech industry”—Nankang Software Park Public Art Project, which boasts a collaboration among nine renowned artists to tailor make site-specific works and thus lift the living quality of local residents. 3. “ Infusion and interaction with science and art”—Public Art in National Taiwan Science Education Center 4. “ Discovering art amid the busy traffic”— Public Art Projects along Civic Boulevard 5. “ Glance of art in modern business district”— Public Art in Xin-yin District

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  • Source: The Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs
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