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Design—theme for Taipei Culture Passport 2016

By Carol Hsieh
Staff writer

 DOCA Commissioner Beatrice Hsieh (center) poses for a photo with hosts ofCulture Passport <br/>activities during a press conference on Aug. 2. (Photo by Carol Hsieh).

Taipei Culture Passport is a perennial favorite. Since 2002, this annual event has been using cultural activities to teach the people of Taipeimore about their city. This year, in response to the 2016 World Design Capital (WDC) Taipei, the theme is Design. Two large-scale events and 41smaller activities (in four categories—city tours, cultural lectures, interactive experience,and art and culture exhibitions and performances) will help people explore the beauty of Taipei and various aspects of changingcity design. The series is runningfor three months, beginning August 5.

Beatrice Hsieh, Commissioner of the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs, said in a press conference on August 2 that Taipei Culture Passport is about the human, daily life, and the livesof citizens. Hsieh said she hopes the event will act as aDzmaster keydzto Dzunlockdz the city and help people explore it in different ways.

 Two students from National Taipei University of Technology, who hosted an event, perform at a press conference on Aug. 2 in an outfit and instrument made with 3D printing techniques. (Photo by Carol Hsieh).src="http://www-ws.gov.taipei/001/Upload/public/MMO/ENGCULTURE/News-cp-2.jpeg" mmoid="174131812"/>

Renowned local cultural workers, architects, and designers will be conducting 15 city tours on themed routes, especially through historical areas such as Wanhua and Beitou. Participants will experience the city through their five senses and see how design has changed the look of Taipei. Hosting a series of 15 cultural lectures, prominent professionals including writers, bloggers,and entrepreneurs will share their ideas for creation and design while also exploringconnections between design and daily life.

A range of hands-on workshops will enable attendees to enjoy the excitement of creating with 3D printing, food, clothing, and even metal wire. Two large-scale tournament games for families will also be held.

 ADOCA staffer demonstrates how to play DzThe Little Journey in Taipeidzat a press conference on Aug. 2. (Photo courtesy of DOCA)src="http://www-ws.gov.taipei/001/Upload/public/MMO/ENGCULTURE/News-cp-3.jpeg" mmoid="174131812"/>

Everyone who takes part in an event will receive a sticker, and with every ten stickers collected they will have the chance to win an innovative board game called DzThe Little Journey in Taipeidz. To register online for activities and for other information, please visit: http://www.2016-culture-passport.com.