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2016 Taipei Art District Festival offers a refreshing view of art

By Gloria Cho

Staff Writer

 1. DCA Commissioner Chung Yung-feng (fourth from  left), poses  for a group photo with  artists  and  representatives  from  the  TAD  Festival  during  a  November  3  press conference.

The 2016 Taipei Art District (TAD) Festival kicked off in Dazhi and Neihu on November 5, offering a refreshing outlook on art in areas away from downtown Taipei.

With the theme “Sunrise Heartbeat”, the festival features more than 30 artists showcasing their work in over 20 exhibition and performance spaces in a bid to bring art into daily life. The title follows up on “Sleepless Dwelling”, the 2015 theme, and implies that art involvement in the two districts moves from dusk to dawn.

TDA  Festival  curator  Lo  He-Ling,  right,  introduces  art  pieces  on  display  to  DCA Commissioner Chung Yung-feng, Nov. 3.

“The festival was set up and organized by local galleries and art institutes, which clearly shows the civic energy in culture,” said Chung Yung-feng, commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), at a November 3 press conference.

Usually more well-known as a high technology hub, Dazih and Neihu are currently proving very attractive to the culture industries and becoming the newest creative locale in the capital. Set up in 2014, the TAD mainly plays out in 15 galleries and art institutes spread throughout the two areas. Its mission is to coordinate efforts to foster creativity and aesthetics in local communities.

 Artist  Jun  T.  Lai  poses  beside  her  artwork  exhibited  at  the  2016  TAD  Festival, Nov. 3.

Running simultaneously with the festival is a series of art-related activities in the Dazhi and Neihu Creative District, organized by the DCA, that highlight cultural and historical tours, creative landscapes, and art forums. The events are expected to increase interaction between cultural workers and local shop owners, and thus boost the local creative economy.

Future development of the creative district may include the integration of other halls and spaces under the auspices of the DCA in order to better utilize public resources, said Commissioner Chung. The festival will continue through Dec. 4, while the creative district events will run until Dec. 11. Admission is free to all events. Please visit https://goo.gl/flmsYL for more information.