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The 2015 Taipei Arts Festival (TAF)--Brochures

Question: Where can I get a flyer or brochure of the 17th Taipei Arts Festival in 2015?


˙ The information desk on the lobby of Taipei City Hall

˙ Taipei City and New Taipei City: The National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH),

public libraries and Eslite Bookstores, as well as arts performance venues

including the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Metropolitan Hall, Taipei Zhongshan

Hall, Wen-shan Theater, Wellspring Theater, Dadaocheng Theater, and Guling

Street Avant-Garde Theater

˙ Other cities: The departments of cultural affairs and cultural centers

˙ Visitor Information Centers at the Taipei MRT stations, such as Taipei Main

Station, the Ximen and Jiantan Stations

˙ Museums, art galleries, cafes, and independent bookstores in Taipei.