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WDC Taipei 2016 project to create better livable city

After three years of preparation, Taipei City is going to host the World Design Capital 2016 (WDC 2016) next year. Over the past three years, the city government has got into communities and hit the world stage through design, thereby creating more design and social interaction. The transformation of city landscape and street corners has made every corner of Taipei filled with unexpected surprises. Holding international design exhibitions can make the beauty of Taipei known to the world and attract more foreign tourists to visit the capital city of Taiwan.

Living in Taipei, you may experience the value of design in everyday life and then feel this city’s transformation ranging from houses to traditional markets, communities, campuses, streets, and every corner of the capital city. The change in the types of creativity ranges from landscape gardening to the introduction of design thinking, improved sequence of service, and innovation of public infrastructure. The transformation in the types of events includes classes, lectures, experiential activities, design workshops, forums, exhibitions, and public art installations.