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Chung Yung-feng leaves office with extraordinary accomplishments

By Yali Chen
On his last day in office, Chung Yung-feng, Commissioner of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA), went to each division of the DOCA and said goodbye to his colleagues.
“Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and all you have done for the DOCA,” Chung said. His coworkers from each division sent him hand-drawn cards and creative small gifts. Everyone vied to take photos with the commissioner.

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Photo from DAC
Chung Yung-feng (right), Commissioner of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs at the Taipei Digital Art Center exhibition themed “Lifetime Warranty – The Romance of Home Appliances”.

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Photo from NBT
Left to right, Sean C.S. Hu, Artistic Director of Nuit Blanche Taipei; Benoît Guidée, Director of the French Office in Taipei; Taipei City Deputy Mayor Chen Chin-jun; and Chung Yung-feng, Commissioner of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs pose for photos at the Nuit Blanche Taipei press conference on September 27.
Chung, a poet known for his activism and music, took over the DOCA in October 2016. Ni Chung-hwa and Peini Beatrice Hsieh were his predecessors.
In his two-year and two-month term, Chung gave priority to the World Design Capital projects in 2016, the opening and closing ceremonies for the 29th Summer Universiade in 2017, and the preservation of historical sites. His extraordinary accomplishments for 2018 included the Taipei Soundscape Project in cooperation with the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) system, Taipei Design and City Exhibition, the Nuit Blanche Taipei with the French Office in Taipei, and Taipei Fashion Week with the Ministry of Culture (MOC) and Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

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Photo from TDA
A street artist draws a live portrait of Chung Yung-feng (seated at right), Commissioner of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs.
Under Chung’s leadership, the Taipei Cultural Asset Review Committee pioneered in implementing an open and transparent review process to build more mutual understanding and respect. In the first term of Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je from 2014 through 2018, the DOCA has designated 16 historical sites, 71 historical buildings, 3 cultural landscapes, 2 memorial buildings, and 1 settlement building.
In addition, four cultural heritages were opened to the public after restoration work. They are Shin Hong Choon Tea Co. (新芳春茶行), which was turned into the Story House of Taiwanese Tea Industry; the Xinbeitou Historic Station, which regained its former glory; the Mitsui Warehouse (三井倉庫), which was transformed into the House of Memories in the west of Taipei; and Taipei Police Bureau (原台北北警察署), which became the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Hall.