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Asian Artists Gather in Taipei for ADAM Project

Asian Artists Gather in Taipei for ADAM Project
–Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance
As “Asia” becomes the new keyword for global politics and economy, the western-dominated world of arts and culture gradually shifts its focus toward the contemporary art in Asia.
With advantageous geographic position, diverse cultures, rich creative energy and freedom of art creation, and with the aid of New Southbound Policy promotion plan, Taiwan has all it takes to bring its performance art to the next level. This is the best time for Taiwan to build an international platform for performance art, and also the turning point to bring Taiwanese art to the world stage.
Hence, Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) launched ADAM – Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance in 2017. As an artist-focused platform, the ADAM project provides a friendly environment for artistic creation, aiming to deepen cooperation and exchange among artists and help them connect with each other. Moreover, by bridging venues and art festival partners across the Asia-Pacific region, TPAC strives to facilitate international collaboration such as co-commissioning, co-producing, artist-in-residence programs and research schemes.
The first ADAM gathering will be held in Taipei, bringing together 200+ international programmers, venue representatives, and artists with various disciplines from over 20 cities across the Asia-Pacific region. The events include Artist Lab, Flavors (Studio Presentations), and Dialogues (Symposium & Meetings), all of which encourage Arts professionals to interact with the crowd and to picture together the new blueprint for the development of Asia contemporary art. Using art as the common language, all participants could share their thoughts about art, culture and society in Asia-Pacific region. These conversation and exchange of ideas enable us to view Asia from Taipei and to connect with the world.